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Hayes Valley, San Francisco August 11, 2011

Hayes Valley - San Francisco
Hayes  Valley Farm

Thanks to the efforts of Colonel Thomas Hayes, Hayes Valley became the first outlying area of the vast Western Addition to develop. Hayes was born in 1823 in Ireland.  Afflicted by gold fever, Hayes and his two brothers set sail for San Francisco, and acquired a 160-acre tract through the use of a preemption deed—effectively exercising squatters’ rights. His claim was confirmed by the Van Ness Ordinance in 1855. According to historian Bill Kostura, the boundaries of Hayes’ property can by described thusly: “This tract began near the intersection of Fulton and Polk streets, ran northwest to Turk and Laguna, thence southwest to Oak and Webster, thence south east to a point just south of Market Street, and finally northeast to the point of commencement.”

Hayes initially tried farming but he soon discovered that fog, wind, and shifting sand dunes confounded his efforts.  Isn't it fun what 100+ years and the destruction of a freeway can bring.

The farm is the result of the destruction of the Central Freeway after the Loma Prieta earthquake.  It is there on a temporary basis, as a city sanctioned temporary green space.  It is a wonderful use of a neglected and ugly scar on the landscape.

The SolarPump Charging Station is a self-contained island of free solar power available for the public to charge any electronic device (electric bicycles to cellphones and laptops, etc.) using a standard 110v AC plug. The bus stop-sized station inspires conversation about energy consumption, solar power and growing adoption of electric mobility.

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  1. Great story, Principessa! I like how things went full circle. And a solar recharging station -- how innovative!


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