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The Tenderloin, San Francisco August 4, 2011

The Tenderloin - San Francisco

This is panel one of a new mural on the U.S. Postal Service office building  at the corner of Hyde and Golden Gate.  It was done by Johanna Poethig, whose work we saw in The Tenderloin National Forest and Tutubi Plaza.  This mural is titled humming with life.  If you hop over to her blog. where she has posted lots of pictures of the activities that took place around her while she was installing this blog you get a sense of how apt the title its. 

This is directly from her blog - "Humming With Life, the title of this mural is an understatement.  The Post Office building at the corner of Hyde and Golden Gate is a magnet for drug dealers, crack addicts and homeless folks looking for a spot to lie down.  The Tenderloin has long been the neighborhood that offers services to the down and out so this is where they live  with the vibrant mix of cultures and community in the North of Market of downtown San Francisco. The Civic Center Post Office does not sell stamps or send mail.  It has endless rows of post office boxes for people without permanent addresses."

She has truly added a bright spot in a rather sorry part of town.

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  1. Interesting bit about the post office. The mural is wonderful -- so vibrant and happy!

  2. Very beautiful! I especially love that vibrant medallion...and it does look oh so new and fresh! Will go check out her blog....

  3. I LOVE THIS!! !I'll check her out too!

  4. I love these photos. I stay in San Francisco too, haven't come across them. I will definitely keep an eye out :)
    The hummingbirds are lovely

  5. Great shots! I try to get to SF as often as I can...I will have to look for this!

  6. Love the art photos! So much color to photograph.


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